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Glenn Sandler, CPA, of G.I. TAX SERVICE, Advises 2018 Taxes Should Not Be Filed Electronically

G.I. Tax Service, founded by Glenn Sandler, CPA, in 2013 announces taxes should not be filed electronically this season.

G.I. Tax Service is advising all taxpayers to seek the advice of tax professionals before filing their 2018 taxes.


The US President signed his tax plan into law in December 2017, with its changes going into effect for the 2018 fiscal year.


“The idea behind the President’s tax plan was to give middle-class Americans a break, but the changes have been sweeping, and most people will be surprised once they start working on their taxes,” pointed out Glenn Sandler, CPA, of G.I. Tax Service.


“Professional tax preparers have studied the new tax code thoroughly and can help clients navigate their way through these changes,” continued Glenn Sandler. “For example, the 1040EZ form no longer exists.”


Other changes to the tax code include the doubling of the standard deduction, but the elimination of personal exemptions. Employees also saw changes in the amount of withholding from their paychecks.


“It’s usually best for taxpayers to seek the advice of tax professionals rather than file their own taxes electronically,” said Glenn Sandler, “but it is especially true for this year’s tax season, with all the new laws in place.”


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