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Glenn Sandler, CPA, and G.I. Tax Service Announce Second Quarter 2019 Tax Deadlines

Well-known for their dependability and affordable prices, the veteran-owned and supporting G.I. Tax Service recently made the 2019 Tax Deadline details clear on their informative blog.

Melbourne, Florida - March 2, 2019 - For many people, filing their taxes can be a bit stressful or confusing, especially when it seems like there are new details added or rules that need to be followed every year. Melbourne, Florida-based G.I. Tax Service understands this well and in an effort to help, recently described the Second Quarter 2019 Tax Deadline details, along with the rest of 2019's tax deadline requirements, in an easy-to-understand blog post. Clients of the firm have responded with enthusiasm to having available quick access to these important dates so they can avoid any IRS headaches.

“We strive to be America's #1 tax preparation service,”  commented Glenn Sandler, CPA, and Founder of G.I. Tax Service.  “A big part of that is helping keep people well-informed about their filing requirements, so we are happy to provide the details of the 2019 Tax Deadline requirements.”

According to G.I. Tax Service, some of the important highlights of the Second Quarter 2019 Deadline requirements include, by date:

  1. Employees who receive tips in March over $20 must inform their employers of them by April 10th.
  2. Individuals, household employers, and Corporations need to file the appropriate 2018 Tax Return by April 15th or file for an extension.
  3. By May 10th, employees who work for tips and earn more than $20 in April need to report the details to their employers.
  4. Employees who receive tips in April over $20 must inform their employers the amount received by June 10th.
  5. U.S. citizens or resident aliens living and working outside the country must file their Tax Return or file for an extension by June 17th or file for a four-month extension.

G.I. Tax Service offers a wide range of financial services to those in the military, Veterans, and civilians covering everything above and nearly any other tax requirement needed to be covered. The firm is always happy to answer any questions in this area, proudly emphasizing first-class customer service.

The firm's main office is located at G.I. Tax 3600 N Wickham Road, Melbourne, FL 32935.

Franchise opportunities with G.I. Tax Service are available to Veterans nationwide.

For more information be sure to visit or call 1-800-877-4482.

Name: Cynthia Cintron, Business Development


Organization: G. I. Tax Service

Address: GI Tax 3600 N Wickham Road Melbourne, FL 32935, USA

Phone: 321-259-4482


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